User Name Change

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This change will affect all users, please read.

There have been a lot of changes and requests of producers lately, but we are finally getting to a point where we can streamline some of the processes to give you a better experience.

In order to streamline the file structures and give you more control over your own files, we need to have everyone make sure their network, website and FTP user names all match.  If your names already match, that is great, you won't have a notification on your sidebar.  The file change still applies to all users.

We will copy your files that are currently in the Ingest folder into a new folder inside your individual user folders also called Ingest. It will be from this folder that you will select to attach your files to your episode pages. We will change some settings so that files will not be immediately deleted from this folder when you create your episode pages, so if there is a problem when creating the page, you will not have to re-upload the file. You can delete that file after your episode page has been created. In an effort to keep down the data use, if your file is not deleted in a month, we will automatically delete it from the Ingest folder only.  You still have a 50GB limit for your folder, including the new Ingest folder.

After the change, you will see only your own folder when you use FTP and on the computers in the Community Room. There will be a folder inside your folder called Ingest. That is where you will place your files to be selected on the website. You have complete control over this folder. You can add and delete files as you like.

The timeline for this to happen is...

August 1 - August 31:
Members change their names to match their FTP user account name. It will be your first initial and last name.
First week of September:
SCM staff will copy files from ingest folder into individual user account folders.
September 10:
SCM staff will 'flip the switch' so that the folder you access your files from is your personal folder and not the ingest folder.
If you have not changed your user name by this time, we will change it for you.