Updated Field Production Gear Return Policy

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We've had a couple close calls recently, gear coming back late with a producer waiting for its return.

To solve this issue, we are changing the Seattle Community Media production gear return policy to better facilitate the check-out and return of the gear.   Our hope is that these changes will decrease the volume of late returns of production gear which have inconvenienced other producers.  This change goes into effect Monday, July 15, 2013. 

Production Gear Check Out

We ask that all reservations for production gear must be received by NOON on the check-out day.  Any reservations requests coming in after will be processed as time allows, which could lead to a lengthy wait.  All last minute requests must be made via the website by the producer.  SCM staff will not fill out the reservation forms for the producer.

Production Gear Return

Production gear must be returned during open hours.  All production gear being checked out must be returned to the Community Room no later than 3:30pm on the date due.

If the production gear is not returned by 3:30pm on the due date, the producer will not be allowed to check-out equipment on a sliding scale, based on the date of return.

Equipment that is returned late will incur the following penalties:

• After 3:30 P.M. on the due date - two week restriction
• One day after the due date - one month restriction
• Two days after the due date - two month restriction
• Three days after the due date - three month restriction
• For each additional day late- one more month of restriction
• If not returned within five working days of the due date, the equipment will be reported to the SPD as misappropriated and in need of recovery.


You will not have the access to make any reservations for any SCM assets during the period of time that you are restricted from checking the production gear out.

Production Gear Renewals

We ask producers not to schedule back to back production gear check-outs.  This practice prevents others from the opportunity to use the production gear.  If you would like to reserve the equipment again, to follow as soon as possible following an earlier reservation, return your current equipment before 3:30pm on the day that it is due and follow the Same Day Check-Out steps.

Same Day Check-Out

You may check out production gear the same day you put in the reservation if equipment is available and you can pick it up during SCM’s open hours.  All same day check-out reservations must be submitted by 3:45pm to allow the check-out to be readied prior to closing time, 4:30pm.   The producer is responsible for filling out a reservation form on the website.  If you are already at SCM, you can log into the website in the Community Room to fill out the reservation form, staff will not fill these forms out for you.