Time Slot Renewal Process Begins July 1

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The annual Time Slot Renewal process at Seattle Community Media will begin in July.  It is open to all producers, new and existing, who are qualified for time slots.  The new time slots will become effective at midnight, August 1, 2013.  Please note there are changes to how this process will take place.  Please read on for more information and deadlines.


As you may or may not know, public access in Seattle is funded solely by the City of Seattle with franchise fees collected from Comcast customers living in Seattle with the intention of serving primarily the citizens of Seattle.  Our contract with the City of Seattle also asks that we serve the citizens of any other funding agencies (there are no other funding agencies at this time) and King County (also providing no funding at this time), as long as it does not interfere with our serving of those living in Seattle.

So, we need to identify those who actually live in Seattle and King County, we ask that all producers come in to Seattle Community Media with valid government issued ID that includes address of residency and one recent utility bill (last six weeks) showing the same address of residency.  We will make a copy of your ID, to be kept in a secure location.  You must bring original documents into the station, photocopies and emailed scans will not be accepted.  We are launching this requirement with the time slot change procedure, but all producers will need to provide this information, even if they are not interested in getting a time slot.


1.  ALL producer members need to bring into the station their ID/Bill documents.  We will make a copy of these.  

2.  When the appropriate time window opens (see below) producers with time slots, or qualifying for new time slots, should click on the big RED box on the right side of the web page which will take you to the Time Slot Renewal page.

3.  Once on the Time Slot Renewal page, click to open the appropriate form, fill it out and submit it.  

You do not need to come into the studio for this step.  Just submit the form.


Requests should be submitted to us within the times presented below.  For those who do not follow this request, requests for a given time slot coming in during the state times will be considered prior to those submit outside these stated times.  We will not consider requests if we do not have your verification of residence by the stated deadlines.  All stated times are Pacific Standard Time.  Here’s the time line:

July 1, 12:01am – July 3, Noon

Seattle Producers/Organization Members with existing timeslots will identify their primary time slot.   Producers residing in Seattle must provide verification of residence and qualifying organizations located in Seattle must bring in verification of Seattle/King County address prior to Noon on July 3rd to participate.

July 8, 12:01am – July 11, 5pm

New Seattle Producers who meet the qualifications will identify a primary time slot from the available time in the schedule.  Producer’s requests will be handled on a first come, first served basis.  New producers qualifying for these time slots must provide verification of residence prior to 5pm July 11.

Seattle Producers who already possess a time slot or slots will have the opportunity to a new primary time slot, if the producer is unhappy with the times they already hold.  Existing producers holding a single series time slot may.

Producer’s requests will be handled on a first come, first served basis.

July 15, 12:01am – July 18, 5pm

King County Producers (outside of Seattle) with existing timeslots will identify their primary time slot from the available time in the schedule, with preference to their pre-existing time slots, if available.   King County residence must provide verification of residence prior to 5pm July 18.

July 22, 12:01am – July 25, 5pm

Seattle and King County Producers may put in requests for repeat time slots (two for each paid Series).  New King County producers and producers with sponsored programs may request their primary and repeat time slots during this period of time.  Producer’s requests will be handled on a first come, first served basis.


Producers failing to provide verification of residence by 8pm July 31 will have their membership suspended.  If verification of residence is not submitted to SCM staff by 8pm August 29, the producer’s membership will be terminated.  Those producers whose membership is terminated will receive a pro-rated refund for the unused portion of their membership from July 31 to the end-date of their existing membership.


As stated in SCM policies, if you do not reside in Seattle or King County, you must secure a sponsor who DOES live within King County.   Sponsored programming does not come with the option to use the studio, production gear check out or editing.