Time Slot Renewal to Happen in Feb/March 2016

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Producers - 

You may be receiving the notice telling you that you are almost out of time slots as you schedule your programs.  That is because we had rescheduled the time slot renewal process for September and October due to the website updates.  

Those updates are taking longer than anticipated due to the complexity of this website.  This was not unexpected, but we had hoped things might move a little faster.   The team working on the site are among the best, so we are confident in their success.  Hopefully you've already noticed some improvement with the site.  

Changing time slots prior to the completion of this work could lead to issues, so we are going to delay the process.  We will go through the renewal process in February 2016, with the new "year" starting March 1st.  

This requires us to go into each account and change the end date of the 'year' from October 1, 2015 to March 1, 2016.  We will be making those changes this week and next week.  Until your account is changed, you may receive the notice that you are almost out of time slots.  You also will not be allowed to schedule into October until after we make that change.  We'll try to get this completed as quickly as possible.  

Thanks for your patience!