Time Slot Renewal FAQ #1

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Here are the answers to some of the questions we've received so far regarding the Time Slot Renewal process.

Q: When should I bring in my ID and bill?  Should I wait until the window opens for my time slot renewal?

A: No.  Bring it in when you can and before the time slot window for you closes.


Q:  Do I send an email to make my requests?

A: No.  Click on the big red button on the right side of the webpage that begins "Producers..."  That page will lead you to the forms you will need to fill out and submit.  The correct forms will be ready during the stated time frames.  If you fill out a form and submit it earlier than the time window stated, it will not be considered if there is another request for the same time slot from someone who followed the request that it come in after 12:01am on the given date.


Q:  I'm needing to clarify. Since the set up means I might lose my primary time slot, will I know before I arrive what is still available?    Do the times mean I can show up on July 15th at 1AM?  You will have someone working during the times of 12:01AM and the time you usually open?

A: No, you won’t come in to the station.  This will all be done on-line.  You will email us.  We will post prior to the weekend what spots have been taken.  If your primary spot has not been taken, it is still yours, but you need to let us know.  If your primary spot is taken, you’ll need to send in a request identifying a new primary time slot for your show.


Q:  I would just be interested in seeing my shows air. If I do not have a designated time slot that is ok.

A: If you are saying you don't live in King County, you will need to have a sponsor who lives in King County to be able to air your shows on SCM. 


Q: So what is the logic behind requiring people to come there to present our documentation of residency?  SCM already has very limited hours (I'm out of town three of the four days SCM is open) and it seems counter intuitive that an organization that is built on it's operations being based online would do this.

A: SCM has never asked for proof of residence.  SCM is contracted with the City of Seattle to serve Seattle residents, followed by King County residents.  To better those we are contracted to serve, this effort will provide better access to resources.


Q: Do I have to bring in a utility bill?

A: The object of this exercise is to prove where you live.  Utility bills typically occur when someone lives at an address.  Other bills, like car insurance bills, are not necessarily tied to a location where you live.


Q: If I like the time slots I have do I need to do anything?

A:  Yes, you need to provide your proof of residency and you need to email us, when the appropriate window of time opens, that you want to keep your primary time slot.  Then, when the ‘repeat’ request window opens at the end of the month you will need to email us the repeat time slots you like. 


Q: Do I need to be at your offices at 12:01am to turn in my requests?

A: No, there will be forms posted on the website by the start of the weekend just prior to the day a window of time opens.  When you fill out the form it will be time/date stamped.  At week’s end we will add the requests in the order in which they were received.   ALSO, don't turn in your request before 12:01am.  If there are multiple people after the same time slot, we will honor the request that followed the rules and came after 12:01am.