SCM Offices Closed Until after Labor Day

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We are closing our offices to work on upgrades to the studio and other troubleshooting and repairs.  During this time we will be monitoring programming but we will not be responding to phone messages and we will not be responding to emails.  

Here are some tips to help you with potential issues: 

Program's Not Returning...  While we are still working on troubleshooting this issue, we suggest that If you have had issues in the past that you are careful not to alter your program information after submitting until after the program has been returned to you for scheduling.  We believe that some producers are filing in the episode information, submitting the program, then editing the show information.  We believe that since you have now changed the episode page's data, the program being encoded has no form to return to.  Be patient and make changes to the episode page after the program has returned.  Again, we are not positive this is the problem, but all indications point to this being the issue.

Submitting Your Program Again...  If your program is not returning and you decide to submit it again, do NOT submit the video file with exactly the same title.  If the system is already confused, this will really doom the return of your video file.  Rename your video file for the second submission.  One way to do this would be to simply add a notation to help you keep track of your submissions, something like A2, A3, A4 (to mean 'attempt 2, 3 or 4' or V2, V3, V4 (to mean 'version 2, 3 or 4.').  Again, make all of your text changes to the Episode document BEFORE you click 'submit.'  If you must make changes to this document, do it after the Episode has returned and is ready for scheduling.

Free Speech TV Issues...  We receive Free Speech TV programs, like Thom Hartmann and Democracy Now! via satellite.  Issues with stuck video files, audio issues, etc during these programs are in control of FSTV.  When we see issues during their programs, we check our feed to determine if the issue is ours or theirs.  It is usually an issue received with the satellite broadcast and out of our control.

Producers with Guaranteed Time Slots...  We have allowed producers with Guaranteed Time Slots to schedule one-off programs in themed time slots.  We have requested in the past that producers with Guaranteed Time Slots not broadcast their regular programs, the ones with Guaranteed Time Slots, into the themed time slots.  There are a few producers who are not adhering to this request which has had a major negative impact on the number of time slots available to new producers.  Producers with Guaranteed Time Slots, please do not abuse this access.  We can remove the ability for producers with Guaranteed Time Slots to have access to theme slots and will do so if the abuse does not stop. 

Keep checking back... more tips may be added as issues arise.