SCM End of Summer Closure

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Seattle Community Media will have its annual End of Summer Closure from Monday, August 24 through Monday, September 7, 2015. The Community Room and Studios will reopen on Wednesday, September 9, 2015.  

During the closure Member-Producers will still be able to access the website to upload new programs and schedule them.  

Please be sure to get your scheduling done in advance, at least three days in advance, of your program broadcasting.  While we never schedule programs into your time slots without your specific instructions to do so, the auto-scheduler does.  If you don't schedule a program into your time slot at least 72 hours prior to your broadcast time, the auto-scheduler will schedule a program into your slot.  It is your responsibility to schedule your programs in a timely fashion.

Staff will not assist Member-Producers in removing incorrectly scheduled programs or programs scheduled by the auto-scheduler during the closure.  

Member-Producers who check out cameras prior to the closure will not be able to return the cameras until September 9, 2015.  

Staff will respond only to station-wide emergency situations during the closure.