SCM "Access Update" Newsletter

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Mark Your Mature Audience Programs "Mature" When Uploading Them

Seattle Community Media requires that you must mark your programs "mature" when you upload them by marking a little box stating the program contains "mature" content.  There are several producers who are failing to do this.  When we've noticed this has occurred in the past, we have retroactively gone in and checked the "mature" box for the episode in question  We have discovered that marking these programs retroactively is too late in the process for the auto-scheduling.  These 'mature' programs are considered 'general audience' by the auto-scheduler and showing up on the day-time schedule.  

This programming appearing on the station outside of the hours when this programming is allowed puts the station at risk.

FROM NOW ON when a producer fails to mark the "mature" box for a program containing mature content, we will DELETE the episode file completely.  We will attempt to notify the offending producer.  The producer will have to re-submit the program and must check the "mature" box when doing so.  If this occurs a second time, the producer will face possible possible suspension of privileges.  

Upcoming Holiday Closures

Seattle Community Media will be closed:

     - Monday, November 11 for Veterans' Day.

     - Thursday, November 22, for Thanksgiving.  Thursday's studio time will be shifted to Tuesday, November 20th.

     - Friday, December 21, End of the World, closed indefinitely.  If this fails to occur, the following dates apply.

     - Monday, December 24 through Thursday, December 27, Christmas holiday.  Studio time will not be rescheduled.

     - Monday, December 31 and Tuesday, January 1, 2013

     - Monday, January 21, 2013, MLK Day

Do Not Assemble Your Show via Scheduling 

Some producers are assembling their shows using the scheduling tools.  For instance, they are creating the opening credits for their show as a program, the body of their show as another program and the ending credits of their show yet a third program.  Then they schedule these three elements to air in their time slot.  This is not good.  Please don't do this.  Why?  Those short little credit elements are getting picked up by the auto-scheduling as unique programs and are airing on their own.  Of course, they are now out of the context of the rest of the episode.  So please don't do this. 

Be Sure to Clean Out Your User Folders

User folders no longer empty themselves out automatically.  You need to go in and remove content or your folder will fill up.  Eventually it will be full and you will no longer be able to upload to SCM and you will be sad and frustrated.  Be sure to go in regularly and remove the items in the folder you no longer need.  User folders are supposed to be a temporary holding area, not storage, for your files.  

The Staff at Seattle Community Media