SCM "Access Update" Newsletter

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New Community Board

This is a new section in the right hand sidebar and is available to members and registered site users.  You can view and post messages from other members of Seattle Community Media.  Please note that while the staff do not pre-screen or filter any messages, we do reserve the right to remove any messages that are unacceptable.  Let us know if there are fields that you would like to add and give suggestions for message types that you might like to filter by. If we determine that the Community Board is being misused, we will turn the functionality back off. Be nice! Play fair.

Scheduling and the 96-hour Rule

We ask that you schedule your program 96 hours ahead of broadcast time.  That’s that 96 hour rule.  Most of you have realized you can get away with scheduling much closer to your airdate.  Cutting that time close ensures we will have no opportunity to fix any issues with your Episode file. 

Scheduling and Cutting It Close

If you must schedule your Episode with-in the 96 hours we ask, be sure it is at least 24 hours in advance.  If it is not scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, you run the risk of your show not showing during your timeslot.  We are adjusting the auto-scheduler which fills any holes that are unscheduled. The autoscheduler looks for the last Episode that has aired for your series. If it does not find one, it will find a random Episode matching the theme of your series that has aired within the last month. It will be random. It will not be your Episode.  It will be someone else’s. You will be sad.  

Scheduling and the Autoscheduler

When you create your episode pages, you can mark your show to not be selected in the autoscheduler. It will still be available for on-demand streaming.  Please note... If you mark all of your shows as not to be used in the autoscheduling, none of them will be selected and a show from a different series is likely to show in your timeslot if you fail to schedule your show 24 hours in advance.   We recommend to have at least one of your favorite shows that have aired to not be marked "Do not autoschedule" so that at least something of yours shows during your timeslot.

Scheduling and the Length of Your Episode

As we have mentioned before, for your shows to fit into the 28-minute and 58-minute timeslots, they really have to be 28:00 and 58:00.  Part of our adjustment of the Autoscheduling system is preparing the very short little promo time blocks that allow your promos to air after the show you just watched and prior to the next show.  The forgiveness the system had for shows extending a little past 28 and 58 minutes is gone.  If your show runs long, it will not fit in your timeslot, it will not air, you will be sad.


Don't forget to submit your timeslots.  We haven't been sending out confirmations when we have received them, but they are updated on the schedule that you can view on the website at


The Staff at Seattle Community Media