School back in session

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School Is In Session – The Fall quarter has begun at North Seattle Community College.  Please give yourself a little extra time to find parking when visiting the SCM facilities.  Also, remember there is no free parking.   You can park for free on the street.  While the campus security doesn’t enforce parking much during the Summer, they do make an effort to enforce it the rest of the year.  I’m not sure how this will effect enforcement but all the parking kiosks on campus are currently broken.  They will be replacing them soon, I am told, but until then they may be more forgiving – no guarantee though.  If you’d like to officially park in the lots, go to the cashier’s office where you can buy one or many $3 daily parking passes in advance (I believe their office is open until 5:30pm M-Th and 4:30pm on Fridays.  You can return the ones you don’t use for a full refund.  Here is information about campus parking.  The other option is to park for free on the street.    

Open Media Platform – We’ve made great progress on the Open Media Platform, it is coming soon.

Studio Confirmations -  Be sure to take a look at the confirmation emails we send out or the posted studio calendar regarding your requests for studio time.  The initial time you requested may have shifted a bit if there are scheduling conflicts.  We generally post the schedule at or around noon on Fridays.  Also, some producers send multiple requests for the same studio time slot.  Keep in mind we’ll confirm on Fridays.

Studio Scheduling Confirmation Change! – We are going to shift the studio scheduling confirmation out a bonus week, beginning next Friday.  This will help those producers who want to schedule guests in advance.  Beginning next Friday (Sept 30th) you will be able to schedule the week of October 10 and October 17.  On Friday, October 7 we will confirm both weeks, then we will shift to confirming two weeks out, rather than just one week out.   

Please Take Note – We have found that some producers ask the same questions multiple times.  No problem with that.  But please take notes while, or shortly after, we explain and clarify something for you.  We have scratch paper available and plenty of pens.  If it is a sticking point for you, taking the time to make a note will also help to reinforce the solution!   And be sure to read the tutorials! 

Seattle Community Media Hours –  You may have noticed a little change to the Hours sign at our facility or on the webpage.   Please remember we do not have hours prior to 1pm on any day and we are not open on Fridays.  Please do not “stop by”  when we do not have open hours, unless you’ve made a prior arrangement to meet with someone here.