Saturday, August 20, 2011

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Studio B saw its first productions this week.  All told, everything went well.  It was great working with the producers and their crew members.  Since everything is “new” there is some re-learning taking place with each session that added a little extra time to each session, so keep that in mind if you are about to do your first studio session in Studio B.    

This next week is looking to be a little busier.  Remember that studio time is precious.

A couple things to note:

-If you plan on loading video, graphics or any other material into the VT5, be sure you do not overload it.  If you need to know what its limits are, ask.  Overloading the VT5 crashes the system.  Rebooting can take between 10 and 15 minutes.  This will delay the start of your taping, which, in a busy schedule may have an impact the length of your show.  If the schedule is full, we will not allow you to go over your time.

-If you do not have enough crew for your show, we are not in a position to step in and help.  Do not count on any of our staff to replace a missing crew member.

-If you have scheduled studio time and you discover you will not need that studio time, you must let us know.  We may be able to schedule someone else in if we know far enough in advance.   Not letting us know wastes that studio time.


Please check the file you intend to upload before you upload.  Check the beginning, the end, the middle, the audio, the video.  What you upload is what will show and if the file you created has an issue, that issue will show too.   Also, be sure to contact us if you are having difficulties figuring out the system.


Please remember to visit the website to create your user account, get updates, visit the tutorials and learn more about the Open Media platform (be sure to watch the video on the ‘About Open Media’ page).

We’ve added some video tutorials we found on the Denver Open Media website discussing audio, lighting, camera work and more.Saturday, August 20, 2011