Request for 96 Hour Deadline

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We will be closed on Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 24.  We are moving that day’s studio time to Tuesday, November 22nd.  We hope that works for everyone.

96-Hour Request

The main message I need to get to you is regarding the 96-hour request.  This request is that your program is uploaded and ready to go 96-hours prior to the airing of your program.  Unfortunately there are too many programs coming in after the deadline and it is causing quality control issues.  We will be enforcing the 96-hour request from now on.  If we receive your show after that 96-hour time, we will rerun your latest program in your upcoming time slot and the new show will run the following week.


Just a reminder to check your audio levels when recording your programs.  Digital audio is not very forgiving.  If your levels are blown out, constantly in the red, your audio will be distorted.  If you see no level at all, it’s very likely there is no audio.