Reminder: SCM Closed Dec 21, 2015 through January 4, 2016

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Please keep in mind that Seattle Community Media will be closed from Monday, December 21, 2015 through January 4, 2016.  During this time the studios and Community Room will be closed and we will not work to correct scheduling errors, undo auto scheduling that occurs, etc.  Staff will only respond to emergencies that affect the operation of the station.  

The website is always available for uploading and scheduling shows.  

So here are some tips to getting through this period without us around to support you:

   - Schedule Your Shows as Usual...  Please schedule your programs as usual.  The system is working.  We've asked that everyone email both Dean and Tom your schedule, as a back-up.  In reality, only a couple producers have issues scheduling.  So please schedule as usual but continue sending your schedule to us.

   - Plan and Schedule On Time...  The auto-scheduler works a little over three days in advance of broadcast time.  If you try to schedule a program inside that amount of time, you will discover the auto-scheduler has already worked its magic and a program is already scheduled.  We often assist producers in removing auto-scheduled programs so they can program the show they really want to air.  We will NOT be doing this during the closure. 

   - Schedule One Show at a Time...  If you are scheduling multiple shows in one sitting, only open one program window at at time, finish, then open the next.  This is what we've always suggested people do, but not everyone follows this advice.  If you open multiple programs in multiple windows at the same time, you will run into problems.  Why?  The times showing as available to schedule in will all be the same in each window if you open them at the same time.  At that moment, they ARE all available.  But after you schedule your first program some of those times are no longer available.  The other windows you opened are not dynamic and don't know those times you scheduled your first program into have been used for scheduling. All other windows you opened when you started will still show the oringial times available.  Of course, if you schedule your second show into one of those times you already scheduled into, there will be an issue.  We have always asked that you open one window, schedule, finish, close, then open another for your next program.  This way you will always have an accurate view of available schedule times.

   - Do Not Schedule Old Episodes...  One issue our current broadcast server has been experiencing is recognizing very old episodes.  If you've tried scheduling shows that were originally aired two or three years ago, the episode may not have actually aired.  We try to catch these, but we don't always catch them.  Why does this happen?  The server thinks the episode still exists on the server.  In fact, it was removed ages ago.  So, with staff not here to remedy this scenario, it is best to not schedule these older programs.  If broadcasting an old episode is important to you, there is a solution.  Re-upload the program as if it were a new program.  Be sure to rename it slightly (add "rebroadcast" or something similar).  In doing this, the broadcast server now has the video file available to broadcast again.  

We hope these tips help.  Please enjoy safe and happy holidays!