Remember that Public Access is Commercial Free

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Seattle Community Media is public access television and public access television is supposed to be commercial free, which includes no political endorsements.   Please be sure your programs are free of what equate to commercials or support of specific initiatives or candidates!

Please remember that public access channels are made possible to offer a venue for people to share their message commercial-free.  Our policies spell this out in section 5.2 (see below).  Section 5.12 spells out how acknowledgement of a show's underwriting can be stated.  

For instance, you can discuss at length the benefits of using creams to heal a wound.  But you may not discuss the benefits of using something like "Wound-X Cream" and the benefits of it in healing a wound.  Talking in general terms about the type of product is informational, talking about a specific product is a commercial.  

Also, please read through policy 5.5 (see below) if you are covering any issues or candidates in the upcoming elections.  

5.2 excerpt:

Advertising / Commercial Endorsements: Advertising or other material that is designed to promote commercial businesses, the sale of commercial products, , or any call to action resulting in any profit for anyone involved is prohibited . This includes but is not limited to, product or business endorsements and/or service descriptions. For example: A program guest may be identified as “John Doe - Owner ABC Business Supplies” but not “John Doe, owner ABC Business Supplies, the best selection and the lowest prices in town.” To advise viewers how to get more information about program topics, program credits can include a contact name, phone number, web site or e-mail address.

5.5 excerpt:

Political Programming

Any program describing or endorsing declared political candidates or describing ballot issues that is directly related to a current campaign is considered "Political Programming." Programs, which include appearances by incumbents acting in their current elected or professional capacity, are not included in this definition. This does not preclude the cablecasting of political debates or candidates' meetings, provided that fairness and equal time rules are followed. Also not precluded shall be the possibility of cablecasting reports by current elected officials regarding the status of issues and other governmental business, providing again, that fairness and equal time rules are followed where applicable.

Programs on Seattle Community Media cannot be used for solicitation of funds nor for political purposes. Broadcast time may not be used for political campaigning by individuals or organizations seeking public office or legislation.

5.12 excerpt:

Program Support and Underwriting

Members may seek underwriting, whether cash or in-kind contributions of their programs. While members may not solicit or receive personal financial compensation for the production of their own programming, underwriting may be used to pay for costs incurred in creating the production. All contributors must be acknowledged in the program closing credits. In addition, producers may acknowledge contributors once every 30 minutes during the body of the program. Programs less than 30 minutes in length may have 1 contributor acknowledgment in addition to the closing credit. Underwriting credits must be formatted as described below. NO CALL TO ACTION IS PERMITTED. However, a tag line may be included that makes an association between the company and the program or the company and the community.
The title of the program cannot contain the sponsor’s name.  The ever-present sponsorship name is more equated to commercial television.

Tom’s cooking show, sponsored by Rain City Plumbing cannot be called “Rain City Plumbing Cooking with Tom”.
(business name and/or logo, city, telephone, e-mail, or web address )
(business name and/or logo, city, telephone, e-mail, or web address )

For example:
NO CALL TO ACTION IS PERMITTED. However, a tag line may be included that makes an association between the company and the program or the company and the community.

ABC Business Supplies is proud to support this program or ABC Business Supplies – serving King County businesses since 1962.