Producers - Remeber to Get Programs In On Time

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Producers - As you likely know, we've always had a 96 - Hour Rule, which states we can help you if there are problems with your program as long as you turn your program in 96 hours (4 days) ahead of broadcast time.  Most of you have figured out that we give you more time to get your programs in.  So many programs are coming in very late, producers are rushing, and mistakes are made and we  work lots of overtime to compensate.

We typically spend hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ensuring programs air correctly.  While the system certainly has its issues, when we investigate problems, user error is usually to blame.  

This message is letting you know of some changes we are making:

     - We are moving the auto - scheduler further out, not 96 hours, as our rule suggests, but further out.  The auto - scheduler runs through the broadcast schedule at a certain point in time prior to programs airing and looks for time slots that aren't scheduled and then fills them to ensure there are programs airing.  Previously it has been set at roughly 2 days out.  We are changing that.

     - We will no longer work over the weekend to fix issues with programs.  Please take your time and follow the directions when submitting your program.  We know it is possible because we rarely hear from most producers.  

     - If you have an issue, please do some investigating yourself, to see if it is possible you made a mistake.  If so, follow the directions and do the process again.  

     - If you are late we will not intervene.

On weekends, which start for SCM on Friday, we will only react to major, system-wide issues, and not to individual crises.