Producers Must Provide Proof of Residency

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All producers must bring in documentation proving they live within Seattle or King County.  We just finished creating the new time slot schedule, a process where we required producers requesting time slots to prove they were residents of Seattle/King County.  

All producers must bring in this proof of residency.  While many producers have provided this information, there are still a number who have not. 

Failure to provide this proof of residency by October 31, 2013 will result in the termination of your membership.  Current members who fail to provide this information will receive a refund for the remaining days of their membership. 

As you may or may not know, public access in Seattle is funded solely by the City of Seattle with franchise fees collected from Comcast customers living in Seattle with the intention of serving primarily the citizens of Seattle.  Our contract with the City of Seattle also asks that we serve the citizens of any other funding agencies (there are no other funding agencies at this time) and King County (at the request of the single funding agency and as long as it does not interfere with our serving of those living in Seattle).

To identify those who actually live in Seattle and King County, we ask that all producers come in to Seattle Community Media with valid government issued ID that includes address of residency and one recent utility bill (last six weeks) showing the same address of residency.  We will make a copy of your ID, to be kept in a secure location.  You must bring original documents into the station, photocopies and emailed scans will not be accepted.