Primary Time Slot Process Nearly Complete

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Please view the Time Slot Calendar at this point in time.

Beginning July 22nd, producers sponsoring programs get to pick their Primary time slots and all producers qualified for time slots get to request two repeats for their programs.  

If you are a Seattle or King County producer who has had a primary time slot in the past and you do not see your program listed on the calendar, we are missing something from you.  

We have requested that all producers bring in their proof of residency, proving you live in Seattle or King County.  We have also requested that you fill out the time slot renewal submission form.  If you have done only one of these things, you need to do the other.  If you have done neither of these things, and there are several of you, you need to do both!

If you fail to prove your residency or fail to fill out the forms your show will cease to air beginning August 1, 2013.  If you continue to neglect either of these, your membership will be canceled after August 31, 2013.  You will receive a prorated refund for the portion of your membership not used.