Please Schedule Your Entire Time Slot

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Unlike many public access stations, on Seattle Community Media a producer is allowed to submit programs that are not a full 28-minutes (to fill a half hour time slot) or 58-minutes (to fill an hour time slot).  

At SCM we appreciate some producer's have a message that isn't 28 or 58 minutes in length and do not want to prevent these producers from having access to public access. 

Please know that if you do not fill the allotted time, the broadcast server displays a black screen and that is what the viewer sees.  So, if a program is scheduled that is 15-minutes long and no other programs are added to the time slot, black screen will show for the remainder of the allotted time.  Some of SCM's producers don't like seeing the black screen.

If you intentionally want to have black screen show, that is your choice to do so.  If that is not your intention, please schedule the remainder of your allotted time with other short programming to fill the void.