Please Do Not Schedule Zero Duration Programs

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Occasionally you will receive word that your program is ready for scheduling and notice that it returned with a duration of "0".   Unfortunately, during the website upgrade process, a lot of programs came back with "0" duration.

Please do not schedule these shows.  Zero duration typically means there is an issue with your video file. 

Please check your video file to be sure it plays, that it is the correct length and that there are no other obvious issues.  If there are issues, re-export your program and re-submit your episode.  Be sure to rename your program slightly. 

If, when your program returns, you receive the same zero duration problem, let us know about this situation and we'll hand schedule your program for you.  

What happens if you schedule a program with "0" duration?  You will likely see a repeat program play instead of the episode you're expecting.  Here's why.  That new episode you successfully scheduled to play, did, in fact play, for the stated duration of the program of zero seconds.  The server recognizes that there is a full program's worth of time left after scheduling the other program for zero seconds and, so after playing your new program for the stated length, the server fills the remaining time with a repeat.