In Other News - Closing at 5:30pm July 3, Getting an HD Channel? and New Website

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Here is some other news regarding Seattle Community Media:


SCM will be closing both Studio B and the Community Room at 5:30pm in honor of the Fourth of July holiday.  This means the final studio session is canceled for the day and the Community Room will be closing two hours early.  Please plan accordingly.


SCCtv staff have formally requested that both SCM and SCCtv receive approval to cablecast in High Definition.  While we are not currently broadcasting in HD, this may be the time for you to start creating HD masters of your programs, for use in the future.  

The mission of public access is giving voice to the under-represented and alternative perspectives of the citizens of Seattle and King County.  SCM Staff members believe the services provided by SCM are just part of the equation though.  There must be an opportunity to have an audience for these voices to fulfill the mission.  If viewers pass by the public access channel because it is merely SD, the public access channel is only a halfhearted effort to offer this voice. 

Ultimately, the move to HD is not as much a choice, but a technical necessity.  The forward march of technology stops for no-one.  We believe the move to HD is inevitable.


SCCtv is also in the midst of a major upgrade to the online system utilized by member producers which will provide faster, more robust and simpler to use access.   While the current SCM website has allowed for all kinds of technical advances, it is not perfect, to say the least.   We are hoping to launch this new site in late fall, early winter.  With what we have learned from the existing site, this new site will do everything the current site does but better, more intuitively and much faster.