No Program Submissions or Scheduling from 5PM, Thursday, July 16 through 5PM, Monday, July 20.

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Seattle Community Media will be taking an important step toward improving this website.  Unfortunately, we need to cease the submission of any new programs and disable your ability to schedule programs to make it all happen.  Fortunately, the end result will be much a much improved website. 

You will still have access to the website and be able to watch videos during this entire process.  It is likely the site itself will never be down while we do this work.   

We will be disabling the "Submit" button on the Episode Page, as well as removing the ability to schedule programming, beginning 5pm on Thursday, July 16, 2015.  The reason is the allow the website to complete all actions prior to when we shift this entire site from one server to another.  This will allow all shows submitted prior to this time to make the complete round trip to and back.  

On Monday, July 20 we will physically move important data elements of the site to the new server.  Once this task is complete, we will post in our News block that you can resume submissions and scheduling.  If all goes well, you may see news posted much earlier than 5pm on Monday.  

Once this shift is complete, you should notice the site functioning much better than it has been.  It should also be faster too.  We will continue working to improve the site, now on its new server, over the following weeks.