NEW UPDATE Democracy Now!, Thom Hartmann and Free Speech TV

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We have replaced our feed source of Free Speech TV.  You will now be able to enjoy Democracy Now!, Thom Hartmann and the other Free Speech TV programming you've come to expect on Seattle Community Media.


Issue Background

We received our feed of Free Speech TV, including Democracy Now!, the Thom Hartmann Program, through a system called Roku. Beginning the week of May 26 we started having problems receiving all Free Speech TV programming.  

Upon investigation of the issue, we discovered that the Free Speech TV folks were working on updating their Roku 'app' and thus, creating this issue.  This development was originally going to last a short period of time.  But it since the app has remained unreliable, we have installed a new, reliable system as a source of FSTV.

The end result is that you, our viewers, were not able to view the intended programming.  For this we apologize.