New Scheduling Notice and Scheduling Options Tab

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Producers may notice some new text in the email you receive when your episode is ready for scheduling.  This new text states:

"Your show, "Series_title name_YY/MM/DD" will be available for scheduling in 12 hours after you receive this message.  Please do not attempt to schedule it before then, as it may cause irreversible errors with your show, resulting in you having to re-upload it all over again." 


A couple things happen while your digital video files are being created at  Of course, multiple video files are being created and the broadcast file is forwarded to SCM.  Some of the processes trigger other events to occur.  One event is that you are sent an email notifying you that you can schedule your show.  Another event is the activation of the "Scheduling Options" tab on your Episode Page.

Unfortunately, both of those events occur before your video file actually arrives here at SCM.  We believe the fact that the video has not been returned yet is causing problems for the producers who are sitting at the ready and schedule as soon as one or both of those events take place. 


We are asking that you wait roughly 12 hours from the time you receive the email notification before you schedule your show.  This should give ample time for the entire video file to arrive here.  We are working on a failsafe method to prevent anyone from scheduling early but have not yet discovered the fix. 

In any case, we believe waiting will prevent potential headaches.