New Scheduling Form for Producers

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As you know, we've been efforting an upgrade to the current website.  A couple things have not gone so smoothly, one of them being the scheduling function.  We are still waiting for the scheduling function to work correctly.  

In the meantime, we've asked that producers email us what they've scheduled to ensure we have episodes showing at the correct time.  

Beginning now, instead of emailing us, ALL producers should use the new Scheduling Form, located as the last option in your Member Tools box.  After scheduling using the normal method, ALL producers need to fill out the form and click submit.  New producers who do not have Guaranteed Time Slots yet need to keep track of when they schedule (date and time) in order to fill out the form properly.  

As always, be sure to schedule at least 72 hours out from broadcast time.  On weekends, this means Sunday shows in by Thursday evening.  And keep in mind that we don't work on holidays, so those long, three day holiday weekends, you'll need to have your Monday shows in to us by late Thursday as well.   

If you do email us, no worries.  But we will begin pointing people to the new Scheduling Form.  WE apologize that we're making you take this extra step, but it will help us ensure your shows air correctly.