New Broadcast Server and Other New Things at SCM

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The City of Seattle provided Seattle Community Media with $51,000 toward new production gear purchases.  We thank the City for their generosity.  And as a result, there are some great new upgrades happening to the station.  

1) NEW BROADCAST SERVER:  We have purchased a new HD broadcast server for the channel.  The SCM broadcast has been served from an SCCtv server that has done a decent job, but is long overdue for replacement.  While the channel won't be broadcast in HD yet, the new server will be state-of-the-art.  We plan on installing the new server and other broadcast equipment during the final two weeks of March.  

THE IMPORTANT INFO:  Due to this installation, we will be repeating the entire week of programming that shows between 12:01am Sunday, March 13, 2016 through midnight, Saturday, March 19th, 2016, during the weeks of March 20th and March 27th.  No new programming submitted during this time will broadcast during those two weeks.  New programs will appear on the website though.  We are suggesting to producers that they mention the repeats occurring during their shows that appear the week of March 13.  You can even mention that new programs will be appear on the web during this time should you choose to do so.    

2) NEW HD 4K JVC CAMERAS:  If you have the Camera Add-On to your membership, you can check out the new SCM HD 4K JVC Cameras.  They are not part of the inventory officially yet.  If you'd like to check one out, place a reservation for an existing camera.  When you come in, we'll take you through a short tutorial on the new cameras.  If you feel comfortable with the new camera, we'll check one out to you.  If not quite comfortable, you can keep the reservation for the camera you have.

3) NEW HD SWITCHING GEAR AND HD CAMERAS FOR STUDIO B:  We have purchased new HD studio equipment for Studio B.  If you have the Studio Add-On to your membership, you will be able to practice on this equipment beginning sometime in May.  We will set-up in the SCCtv studio and you will be able to reserve time to practice on the new gear.  We will give more details in April on how this will proceed.  For instance, we will, at no extra charge, hold training sessions for existing studio producers.  Once we see that most of the regular studio producers feel comfortable on the new HD gear, we will close Studio B for a week while we remove the old Standard Def production gear and replace it with the new HD production gear.  Our expectation is this will happen some time in late June or early July.  

SCM has also purchased other gear including new microphones, tripods, cases and more.