Multiple Submissions of Programming Needs to Stop

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When this system was created, the idea was that each producer would produce a show a week, upload it and schedule it.  The system can handle that.  

What is happening in reality is many producers upload multiple shows at one sitting.  Sometimes as many as six shows in less than a half hour.  And with attempts to correct mistakes, deleting files (which you have been asked not to do) and resubmitting episodes with the exact same titles for program and video file (which we've mentioned many, many times will stop your video from being processed).

Very recently we have had multiple of these multi-show submissions and they have alternately stopped and slowed the system for everyone.  

So, for now, here are a couple new rules:

- Read and follow the existing directions!

- One submission per hour! 

- Do not delete any accidental submissions!

- Don't resubmit anything with a title you've EVER, EVER, EVER used before... that pertains to BOTH the episode title and the name of your video file.  Why?  Because deleting only removes stuff from your view... the deleted file is still in the system!