Mid November News

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Extended Camera Checkout

Beginning next week, we will be extending the camera check out period, from the current 24 hours, to 48 hours.  Those of you who have checked a camera out already for next week can keep the camera an extra day.  

SCM is Closed on Thanksgiving

Seattle Community Media will be closed on Thursday, November 24, Thanksgiving.  I sent word out last week that the studio time that would have taken place that evening has been moved to Tuesday.  If you planned to check out gear or return on Thursday, you’ll need to check out or return the day before, Wed, November 23.

Studio Class

You can sign up now for Basic Studio, a studio class taught by the ever talented John Brunner.   The class takes place Monday, November 21 from 6pm to 8pm.  You can learn about the operation of the VT5 in Studio B.  The cost is $50.  There is room for four to take the class.  To sign up, go to the webpage and look in the “Classes” tab.

New Cameras

We will be adding the new JVC-HD cameras (JVC model GY-HM100u) to the inventory for check out beginning Monday, November 28.  You will be able to reserve these cameras beginning Wednesday morning, November 23.

Anyone who is already certified for camera check out will have to schedule a little extra time for a short primer on these cameras when they pick up the camera for the first time.   

VERY IMPORTANT  Please note that these are not tape cameras.  They record to SDHC memory cards.  You will need to supply your own memory card, just like you have to supply your own tape for the tape cameras.  The optimal SDHC memory card is the SanDisk “Extreme” 30MB/s Class 10 memory card.  The camera manual only calls for a Class 6, but we have yet to get one of those to actually work in the camera.  There are lots of makers of memory cards, lots of places to buy them and prices vary quite a bit.  We will only recommend the SanDisk “Extreme” 30MB/s Class 10.

We will have a small stock of 16GB cards available for purchase online only (no cash) at $30 per card.  When you want to buy one, we’ll have you walk over to a computer in the Community Room and purchase it online.  If you were to go to Best Buy and purchase one of these cards, an 8GB card would cost you approximately $39.99.  A 16MB card will allow you to record 70 minutes in SP1080i mode or 90 minutes in SP720P mode.  In HQ (HD) mode these cards will record for 50 minutes.  

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