Long Live the 96 Hour Rule!

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As you may or may not know, we have always asked that producers have their programs scheduled 96 hours in advance so we can troubleshoot any problems with the broadcast schedule.  

Most producers seem to have no issues - every week their programs get uploaded and scheduled without a hitch.  We rarely hear from them.   

But a handful of producers wait until between 24 and 48 hours to schedule their shows.  These producers also typically have problems with their show files.

As we all know, issues arise, both on our end and on the producer end.  But there seems to be an expectation among this handful of producers that we must drop everything to fix the problems with their shows, even when they are attempting to schedule well with-in the 96 hours. This isn't the case.  

We will not drop everything to troubleshoot and fix your last minute issues.   In fact, we will work to fix issues with shows scheduled on time before we work to fix issues with these last minute submissions. 

Troubleshooting actually takes quite a bit of time.

In an effort to encourage member producers to plan ahead, we are working to bump auto-scheduling further out, allowing us to spot issues with the broadcast schedule sooner.  This will be especially true for weekends and holiday periods.   This should also allow producers waiting until the last minute to spot issues with their programs, allowing them to attempt troubleshooting on their own first.