IMPORTANT: Annual Time Slot Renewal Process Begins February 12th

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Producers -

The annual time-slot renewal process begins on February 12th, 2018.  This is a two week process.  You can find more information about the process by clicking the red "Time Slot Renewal Information" box that appears once you've signed into your Seattle Community Media account.  

Week One - The week of Feb 12th we want to hear from you which of your time slots is your "guaranteed" time slot.

Week Two - Referring to the Time Slot Schedule, pick repeats from the open time slots.  You can also move your "guaranteed" time slot to an open time slot you believe is better.  These open time slots are available on a first come, first serve basis.

If you do not participate, you may loose your time slots.  Be sure to participate!

Again, please click on the red "Time Slot Renewal Information" box for details.