Holiday Closures

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Please Note:  Monday, December 26 and Tuesday December 27, 2011 Seattle Community Media offices and Community Room will be closed.


As a policy, we will have two, 6-month seasons each year.  The first season will run from January 1 through June 30, the second season will run from July 1 through December 31.

First of all, don’t worry about timeslots changing. Because we will be implementing the new site in January, the season won’t begin like any other season, it will be more of a soft transition than a hard start date.

IMPORTANT…  Also, we plan on maintaining the schedule as it exists for the most part, for this first six months.  There are some slots that are airing programs by producers we have not heard from in five months.  After the start of the new year (I will be out of the office much of the time during the remainder of the year and will not be responding to emails much during this time) we would like to hear from you if you would like to move your current time slot.  Let us know where you’d like to have your show air and let us know how much flexibility there is to the request.  Again, please give it some thought and then email.  We will not begin looking at these emails until after Jan 2.  For example, if the Grinch’s show airs every Monday at 3pm and wants it to air at 8pm Thursday night, he/she should let us know the favored new time and then let us know “or any night between 6pm and 9pm”, or “any time Thursday because that’s my favorite day.”  ALSO IMPORTANT, no guarantees there will be any move, but we will see if it is possible.  But do let us know.


We’re making little tweaks to them still.  If there are any changes to them, the latest version of the policies will be posted to the website. 


Memberships will be annual memberships on a rolling basis, meaning you will renew one year after you became a member.  The Policies stated all memberships will end on Dec 31.  Once the new site launches, everyone will become an official member once they sign up.  You will pay their first annual membership fee to us and will need to renew a year from that point.   There will be a grace period during which to sign up.  If you fail to sign up and the grace period expires, you will no longer be a member.  This is all web-based so you can sign up anywhere in the world that has internet access.


It is not currently in the Policies but will very likely be added, that we will ask for an acceptable piece of photo ID to be submitted as part of the membership process.  A copy will be made and kept on file.



We will formally announce the fees in early January.