Friday, September 9, 2011

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Here are a couple important bits of information we’d like to pass along to you…

Cablecasting in Stereo!

Seattle Community Media is now cablecasting in stereo.  Seattle’s public access viewers have been receiving only one audio channel for years.  This has been resolved.  Thanks to all those who helped in the discovery process and Comcast for making the fix.  Please keep in mind there may be some interesting discoveries as a result, like finding out some shows were produced with audio in one channel.

Northend and Eastside Audio


The good folks at Comcast also replaced a failing modulator located in Bellevue.  The dying modulator was to blame for all sorts of audio issues over the last week and finally no audio over the weekend.


Check Your Uploaded Program File

Once you’ve uploaded you show to the ingest folder, be sure it is the same size file as the file you have on your computer.  If it is not the same size, you did not upload your entire program.  Please remember to check your program file prior to uploading it.  Is your entire program there, start to finish, with audio?  If you check your program file afterwards, you now have to deal with fixing the problem, uploading again, getting us to remove the bad file and more.

Be Prepared

Please be completely prepared when you walk in the studio.  If you need a laptop, if you need internet connection, if you need a prop, or whatever you need, please arrange that prior to the start of your studio time.  This allows for us to prepare these items when we have the time to do so.  While we want to accommodate everyone, there will be times when we cannot drop what we’re doing at the moment to react to these request.
Remember to Sign Out

If you use any computer at Seattle Community Media, either in the studio or in the community room, and don’t sign out when you are done, anyone in the room has access to your files.  Be sure to sign out when you are done.

Audio Tip

If you plan on using audio to help pass along your information, keep this in mind:  When you watch a video that is not well shot or poorly lit, people tend to forgive this if you have decent audio.  Your message is still getting to the viewer.  But even the most beautifully shot video is probably unwatchable or at least frustrating if the audio is bad or there is no audio at all.  Audio is often overlooked, but being able to hear and understand audio is absolutely essential if you plan to use audio to get your message across.  Taking a little extra time to listen for distortion or a lack of volume as you create your programs and making the proper adjustments will help to ensure the best outcome for your project.   Feel free to contact us with any audio questions.


The Seattle Community Media Staff