Friday, July 22, 2011

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As we stated in our prior communications, we will be ready around the beginning of August, give or take a couple weeks.  There hasn't been a hard date as to when everything will be ready.  We have been hard at work getting everything in place and, in the case of the small studio, have been upgrading things that needed to be improved.

That said, we will hold a producers meeting on Thursday, August 4th at 7pm.  We will be covering a lot of ground so it would be great if you can attend.

Among the topics discussed will be updates to the small studio and when it will begin operation.  We will also discuss scheduling of the studio.  We will also discuss gear checkout and how it can be scheduled.  We will also discuss membership, preliminary policy info and other topics.

We will also discuss programming, how to get your programs ingested, which will include some program ingesting training.  We have made great strides in getting the Open Media platform operational and will give you a status report at that time.

We will continue to broadcast the "Transition Schedule" as we begin August.

If you are not able to attend, all training will be available on the temporary website,