Friday, July 15, 2011

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Progress continues.  The small studio, which we will be calling "Studio B" is nearing completion.  The edit suites are up and running.  We will be working on getting the ingest stations in place next week, along with many, many other things.  We continue to work on the Open Media platform as well.

On Seattle Community Media's temporary website you can now see the program schedule for the month.  It is static and only a reference to know when a producer's program will air.  Of course, once the Open Media platform is up and running, the schedule will be dynamic and contain much more information.

As you likely already know, we are streaming a simulcast of the station on the website.  You can now view the stream on iPhones, iPads and like devices.

As for the stream found on the website from a computer, it is not a Windows Media-based stream, as before.    This is a stream that uses the Flash software included in all browsers.  It allows for a better looking image and fewer streaming issues.  And if you cursor over the player, you will notice a progress bar pop-up.  This progress bar includes, on the far right, the ability to view the stream full-screen.

We noticed a lot of producers DVDs were still at the old SCAN building.  We will round them all up and bring them to the new facility, if that was a concern for any of you.

I will not be in the office this coming week.  If you have any questions feel free to contact any of my co-workers.  Please keep in mind that we are extremely busy and spending little time at our desks as we work toward getting everything ready.

Again, thanks for your patience.