Friday, August 26, 2011

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Many, many thanks to all of you for taking the time to learn the new systems we have in place.  Everyone seems to be working hard to understand the “systems” and, from our end of things, most everyone seems to be getting it.  We are seeing all kinds of programming uploaded successfully.  So again, thank you.

Just a couple quick notes –

                -Be sure to bring your passwords with you if you are scheduled for studio, edit or other computer usage here at Seattle Community Media’s facilities.  You will need them to log in to any computer.

                -With everything so new, we are extending the time of each studio slot by a half hour, beginning next week.  So, on Wednesdays, the hour slots are now 1.5 hours.  The 1.5 hour slots on Thursdays are now two hours.           Everyone who signed up for studio time next week has been notified of the change.

                -Regarding the studio, please be sure to sign the studio use agreement before you go in.  You will also need to check out whatever extra gear you need prior to signing, such as mics, etc.   

                -If you use a computer at Seattle Community Media, be sure to sign out of them when you are done.  This includes the computers in the studio.

                -After producing a show in the studio, you will be able to upload the program to your computer at home via the ftp.  That does take some time, so feel free to bring a portable harddrive to transfer the program more quickly to your own device.  Keep in mind that the way they format thumbdrives, even the large ones, prevents them from accepting any single files larger than 2GB.

The Seattle Community Media staff.