Final Week of Time Slot Renewal

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We are in the final week of the time slot renewal.  If you have failed to participate but qualify for a time slot, be sure to look at the current schedule, then choose available times and fill out a guaranteed time slot form and your repeat time slot form.  

When considering your repeat time slots, - please read the directions.  A given day is broken into three time blocks, Midnight to 8am, 8am to 6pm, 6pm to Midnight.  Between your guaranteed time slot and your two repeats, one of your showings must be in each of the time blocks.  In other words, your show can't have a guaranteed time of 6pm and two repeats during the week at 6pm as well.  They must be spread throughout the time blocks to be sure everyone gets an opportunity in each time block.

The whole process ends WEDNESDAY, JULY 30 AT 5PM.  Why?  It ends on Wednesday so we can build out all the repeat time slots and then structure all of the empty time slots to allow the broadcast server to schedule the programs that are broadcast. 

IF YOU MISSED THE DEADLINE, we will not add to the schedule any submissions for guaranteed time slots or repeats after the deadline until the following week.