Commenting Available

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A lot of producers have asked if we are getting feedback on their shows.  We get an occasional email, but we also thought that comments on individual episode pages might be nice.  We have turned on a commenting feature on the episode pages. 

Anyone can leave a comment, they don't have to be logged in, although they do have to leave an email address, and they have to answer a Captcha question, so we shouldn't get a lot of spam.  Admins also have the ability to delete comments, but we definitely don't want to make this a standard.  Deleting comments that we don't like is a really good way to get a bad reputation, especially since we are a site built on free speech!  During this trial phase,  if we are requested to delete a comment on an episode, we will delete all of the comments for that episode and turn off commenting for that episode. 

This is an all-or-none feature for all producers, we can't turn on commenting for only certain producers, so if there are enough people who don't like it, we'll just turn it back off again.

Commenting will be on automatically for all new episodes moving forward.  Send us an email if you want it turned on for your previous episodes, and we can do that from inside.

This is still in the testing phase, so let us know what you think!