Broadcast Signal Issues Update

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Comcast has resolved the issue that took SCM and SCCtv off the air earlier today (Thursday 3/19).  Comcast put in a temporary fix and will be make a permanent fix in the near future. 

Separate from that issue, the City of Seattle will be replacing the fiber connection between SCM/SCCtv and UWVideo on Saturday, March 21, 2015.  Both SCM and SCCtv will be off the air during the better part of Saturday as a result.  The outage will be determined by how long it takes to do the work. 

In preparation of Saturday's work, the station will be down at 2pm Thursday (3/19) with another potential and potentially other brief outages on Friday (3/20).

None of these issues concern equipment located here at SCM/SCCtv.  During all of these outages, our website will still be up and streaming the live simulcast of what you would see on cable.