Annual Time Slot Renewal Process Will Take Place in July 2014

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Time Slot Renewal Process for July 2014

The annual Time Slot Renewal process at Seattle Community Media will begin Monday, July 7, 2014.  The process this year will be similar to last year’s process.  It is open to all member/producers, new and existing, who are qualified for guaranteed time slots (see below for information on how you qualify).  The new time slots will become effective at midnight, August 1, 2014. 

Important Reminder... You will NOT be able to schedule into August until we move through elements of this process.  

Please note there are minor changes to how this process will take place.  Please see the time line below. We will not consider requests coming to us outside of the time line as presented below.  All stated times are Pacific Standard Time. 

As we move through the dates below, click on the RED BOX to the upper right of the page to fill out your requests.  This RED BOX (which currently links to the schedule) will change to display the accurate form for the period of time we are in.  

Here’s the time line:

- July 7, 12:00am – All time slots are returned to the general pool of time slots.

- July 7, 12:01am – July 10, Noon – Seattle Producers/Organization Members with existing time slots will identify their guaranteed time slot, the time slot they will retain for the coming year.  Remember, repeat time slots have been returned to the general pool of time slots.  

- July 14, 12:01am – July 17, 5pm

- Seattle Producers who already possess a guaranteed time slot will have the opportunity to shift to a new guaranteed time slot (if the producer is unhappy with the times they already hold).

- New Seattle Producers who meet the qualifications will identify a guaranteed time slot from the available time in the schedule.  Producer’s requests will be handled on a first come, first served basis. 

- Producer’s requests will be handled on a first come, first served basis. 

- July 21, 12:01am – July 24, 5pm – King County Producers (outside of Seattle) with existing timeslots will identify their guaranteed time slot, if still available, from the available time in the schedule.  If the guaranteed time slot the producer had previously is no longer available, they may choose a new guaranteed time slot.  Producer’s requests will be handled on a first come, first served basis. 

- July 28, 12:01am – July 30, 5pm

- Producers with sponsored programs may request their guaranteed and repeat time slots during this period of time. 

- Seattle and King County Producers may put in requests for repeat time slots (two for each paid Series). 

- Producer’s requests will be handled on a first come, first served basis.


Members who qualify for what we call “Guaranteed Time Slots” receive a time slot that appears in the broadcast schedule every week at that same time for the duration of a year, until we do this process again. 


At this time SCM will offer each producer two repeat that will occur at the same time each week.  SCM membership has grown to the point that we may remove the second repeat sometime during this year.


Producer/members are able to upload and schedule their programs as soon as they are members.  As per Seattle Community Media policy, to qualify for the “Guaranteed Time Slot” you must successfully schedule two unique programs each month, for three months in a row.  Once you believe you’ve met that qualification, notify us.  We’ll check.  If you do meet that requirement, we’ll let you know what time slots are available and you get to choose the one you want.  We usually are able to offer you at least one repeat time as well. 


Why do we have producers qualify before getting a time slot?  It is a commitment to create television programming.  We have producers schedule these two shows per month for three months in order to ensure there is a commitment.  If we were to remove time slots from the schedule based on the hopes of a producer, rather than a demonstrated commitment, and they failed to produce any programming, it would be a huge disservice to all the producers who, in fact, have programming that could utilize this time.


Public access is available only to those persons living in Seattle and King County.  Public access services provided by SCM are paid for by self-funded SCCtv and the City of Seattle.  The funds from the City of Seattle come from franchise fees collected from Comcast customers living in Seattle with the intention of serving primarily the citizens of Seattle.  Our contract with the City of Seattle requires that we serve the citizens of any other funding agencies and King County, as long as it does not interfere with our serving of those living in Seattle.  At this time there are no other funding agencies.


As stated in SCM policies, if you do not reside in Seattle or King County, you are not elegible to become a member/producer at SCM.  Any person or agency from outside King County interested in having programming they create appear on SCM must secure a sponsor who DOES live within King County.  A member/producer who sponsors programming should know the membership does not come with the option to use the studio, production gear check out or editing.