I can’t seem to upload files larger than 2GBs. What’s up?

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There are potentially unlimited variables that could cause this.  Here are the two top possibilities this might happen:

  • One reason may be the browser you are using.  Some browsers, like Firefox, Internet Explorer and Netscape, won’t let you upload files larger than 2GB to any site.  We recommend you use Chrome when interfacing with SCM.
  • Another reason may be that you are using a wifi card to upload.  While you may have high speed internet available to you, using a wifi card or other wifi device to connect to your high speed connection will limit you to the speed of the card.  Imagine an hourglass, your computer is one end, your internet connection is the other end and your wifi card is the narrow little part in the middle. Some wifi cards will automatically shut down at an appointed time, say an hour.  If your upload is still in progress, your wifi card will cut it off at an hour.  Connect your internet directly into your computer ur internet on to remove these limitations.